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teacher Training Course

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Welcome to WPS Pilates
Teacher Training Course!

Wellness Pilates Sydney (WPS) Pilates Instructor Certification is officially registered in Korea, and it is also possible to obtain the Australian government-certified Diploma.

WPS Diploma students learn how to practically apply and implement

theoretical knowledge at various levels through online and in-studio classes.

You can learn how to conduct 1:1 private lessons, 2:1 and 4:1 group lessons, as well as how to instruct up to 12 clients in mat classes, as recommended by PAA (Pilates Alliance Australasia).

Wellness Pilates Sydney Diploma course consists of three stages, and students must complete all stages and fulfill the designated practical training requirements.

Upon completion of all stages, students are eligible to upgrade to diploma of professional pilates instruction, a government-certified course operated by a collaborating institution, where Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is recognized.

Following the upgrade course, which includes professional ethics and safety guidelines, students receive the Australian national certification.

Course Inquiry │ +61 451 878 807

– Recruiting Students in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane


continuing education

Wellness Pilates facilitates continuing education events as hosted by educators and collaborated with reachmovementhealth. 

 Your journey with Pilates, in your own body and mind, doesn’t end when you have your certificate in hand. In fact, this is only the beginning!

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