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Wellness Pilates Sydney analyses each client’s body type and problems through our posture analysis system and provides tailored exercises that will be programmed for an individual client as we all are in different shapes, health conditions and fitness journey.

The earlier you start the better. It would be more difficult to correct the wrong posture or movement pattern once you are used to it. It does not mean it is impossible to improve, but it will take more effort and longer time to revert your body to function normally.

We believe that good posture comes from the equilibrium of well-maintained body systems such as muscular system, skeletal system, and circulatory system. 

We retrain the body muscular system connected to the brain so clients can improve the posture and movement pattern which will lead to less pain, better quality of life and be happy.


(1:1, 2:1, Semi Private, Group)


Body Profile pilates


Diet pilates

Rehabilitation pilates


Pilates instructor course

Golf pilates


Prenatal & Postnatal pilates


Pilates for special conditions 

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