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Welcome to WPS Pilates
Teacher Training Course!

Our comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the skills and
knowledge necessary to become a successful Pilates instructor.
You can take a Pilates instructor course through studio class and online course
based on a learning and practice curriculum
that has passed the government certification standards.

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– Recruiting Students in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

What You'll Learn

The course includes systematic education on more than 200 movements,
variations, and teaching methods, as well as a simple and systematic program creation method,
and rehabilitation and posture/body analysis programming. 
With a focus on safety, anatomy, and teaching techniques,
you will gain a thorough understanding of the Pilates method and how to effectively

instruct clients of all levels.

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(FUNDAMENTAL, Matwork, Reformer and Small Apparatus)

Learn foundations, anatomy and physiology, and 12 repertoire modules in our course. Study is available every Saturday, and the course duration for reformer only is three months, while mat + reformer takes five months.

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(CCB, Cadillac, Chair and Barrel)

Learn foundations, anatomy and physiology, and 12 repertoire modules in our course and the course duration for CCB is three months.




Learn comprehensive training in programming, postural screening and applications, and special conditions in our course. The course is comprised of a total of six sessions.

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Learn the WPS Level One Instructor Certificate course as well as the WPS Comprehensive Instructor Certification Course. The course takes one year to complete.
The National Pilates Diploma can be obtained through the Wellness Pilates Upgrade Program, which is taught in Korean, Chinese, and English.

Introduction to National Pilates
Teachers of the Pilates Method

National Pilates Training has educated hundreds of students in the Pilates Method over 20 years.
Today, our community of alumni are successfully teaching all across Australia and the world.


Increase your knowledge of the human body

Whether you are studying for a Professional Pilates Matwork or Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10838NAT) or just have an interest in finding out more about human anatomy and the principles of movement, this course is for you.


Introduction to Anatomy covers the basic anatomy and physiology principles and practical application to movement. As a student, you will gain an understanding of the body’s skeletal structure and the role of bones and muscles in relation to movement.

Course summary: 

The Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10838NAT) builds the required skills and knowledge to understand the pilates method in the traditional fully equipped pilates studio. The study of the Diploma of professional Pilates Instruction (10838) with National Pilates Training takes a comprehensive approach to each of the Joseph Pilates uniquely designed apparatus including the reformer, Wunda Chair, Cadillac/trapeze, Ped-a-Pul, ladder Barrel, spine corrector, baby arc, matwork, small props/apparatus in applying the original Joseph Pilates concepts and principles. 

As a graduate of the Diploma of professional pilates Instruction (10838NAT)  you will be equipped in managing low risk conditions, have the ability to tailor programs to meet individual needs for injury prevention, sports performance enhancement, improving strength and fitness for overall general health and wellbeing.

The curriculum for the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction is an evidence based curriculum acknowledging current research, sports medicine updates and up to date clinical practise.

This qualification completed with National Pilates Training has been government accredited, industry endorsed by Pilates Alliance Australasia and AUSactive meeting industry standards ensuring all graduates are comprehensively trained and have the required employability skills.

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In-studio teaching classes and practicum

Gain valuable teaching experience with real clients in our in-studio teaching classes and practicum sessions.

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movement lessons

Our experienced instructors will provide hands-on guidance to help you perfect your Pilates technique.

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Online learning

Our online learning platform allows you to complete the coursework at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.

Our program offers a range of learning options to accommodate different schedules and

learning preferences

Languages: Our program is available in English, Chinese, and Korean.
We believe in making Pilates education accessible to everyone,

regardless of their language or cultural background.

Why Choose Our Program?


Best Course Trainers in Australia

We work collaboratively with Sally Anderson, creator of the Australian Pilates Diploma Curriculum, and qualified Australian Pilates Teachers with more than 20 years of experience. We provide pilates education in an efficient delivery method, as well as the know-how of professional training instructors.

In-person & Online Professional Integrated Education

Our Diploma Curriculum is accredited by the Australian Government and covers Pilates principles, anatomy, and teaching techniques. We offer a range of learning options to accommodate different schedules and learning preferences. 
Our in-studio teaching classes and practicum will give you the opportunity to work with real clients and gain valuable teaching experience. online learning platform provides flexibility, while our face-to-face movement lessons offer an interactive and hands-on experience.

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Our Program Features

Australian Government accredited Diploma Curriculum
Face-to-face movement lessons
In-studio teaching classes and practicum

Flexible online learning options
Programming and practicum experience to help you build your teaching skills 
Available in English, Chinese, and Korean

Accredited by the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA)

Those who have successfully completed the courses can work as a level 1 or 2 instructor with the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA). Furthermore, they can also work as a Level Instructor for the Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA).

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Latest Pilates Trends Workshops

Ahead of the latest pilates training trends, Wellness Pilates conducts various workshops for graduates even after the instructor course is over.

Recruitment Support

We support the employment of diploma-graduated instructors through the job search column on the association's homepage.



Sketch video of the 8th session of the Wellness Instructor Course



6B, 29-30 Anderson Street,  Chatswood, NSW 2067

0451 878 807​

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